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Drake is a mediocre artist who does not deserve the fame brought to him

Modern music is catered to the brain-rotted, short attention span of Gen Z

By Mia Arita

Drake is a bad artist who only exists and stays relevant because of the memes. Photo generated by Ai, 2023.

In the modern landscape of music, many have noticed a trend of repeating samples, lyrics, and musical styles. Some chalk it up to the progression of music in our new world, but to others, it feels like a huge sellout.

Especially when listening to Billboard's top 100 artists and their songs, many unanimously agree that most of the music lacks feeling and an actual connection.

As if it was a quick cash grab.

It’s not a new idea that industry plants are a real and prevalent issue. Many artists who have worked so hard to get even just a small but dedicated following quickly get pushed out of that limelight by those who have connections and/or money to be able to do it quicker and with a more obvious grand result.

Recently released, “For All the Dogs,” by Drake is a perfect example of a complete and total sellout artist who simply does not care about the quality of his work.

There's no doubt some guys with haircuts that make them look like idiot mushrooms will run to defend this newly dropped album.

“Drake is the GOAT,” “He never misses,” and “He’s so real and authentic,” can be heard as some arguments for his defense.

I do personally have to agree on the cultural impact that early Drake undoubtedly had on our generation with songs like “God’s Plan” and “Hotline Bling.”

But it does not mean that it was necessarily good. Now with this album, it's more evident than ever that he is simply there because he knows his audience will in fact “eat it up.”

Drake does not have a one-set image of himself. He bends his own persona to whatever is popular at the time like “Certified Lover Boy” (the worst cover of an album to ever exist) which is an obvious warp from the gangster personality he attempted to portray beforehand.

There isn’t a person who is mentally well living on earth right now who can confidently say that it’s a good album.

This 23-song track list and 1 hour and 23 minutes too long jumbled mess of a music release is only really held up by the featuring artists.

There is a strategic placement of these collaborators in which they span the broad categories of R&B, Rap, and even Spanish (titans of the music categories) which in turn makes it easier for quick streams from fans of those people.

It is such a blatant example of a sellout that it needs to be studied how the “Drizzers” (supposed nickname for those in love with him) cannot seem to recognize it.

Drake is a huge sellout who does not deserve the position he has been given. He leads attention away from actual good music for his less-than-mediocre releases.

He can do better, but he just chooses the easy rite of passage through cheap, TikTok short, viral sounds for the brain-rotted, short attention span of Gen Z.



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Diego Muñoz
Diego Muñoz
Nov 14, 2023

Interesting take to say the least.

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