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Did the Cliff Have Teeth?: Wakefest

Part 2

The plan was for Hannah and Lauren to stay in a cabin for the festival and so on Friday, July 24, 2015, they went off. Once they got to WakeFest, they met up with two guys, one being Hannah’s boyfriend, Aaron Lilly, and the other being Aaron’s friend, Chris Stout.

During the day the group spent the day having fun and drinking. Many people were doing cliff jumping and water sports so Lauren joined in on this, but when it was her turn to jump, she fell into the water and hit the back of her head on one of the rocks that was hidden by the water. Everyone checked on her and she said she was fine.

Throughout the day she seemed completely fine and so around 2 a.m. the group decided to go to bed. Although Lauren was under the impression that they would be sleeping in a cabin, Hannah had a change of plans and decided they would camp on this higher piece of land across the river. Although many people from WakeFest would camp there, it wasn’t an official campsite from the festival so there were no safety regulations to protect the people who camped there, which made it very unsafe.

Attendees of the festival who wanted to camp there would also have to canoe to the campsite since it was across the river and walk up a very steep hill just to get to it. Once up the hill, you could camp in a tent or, if you were braver, sleep in a hammock suspended over the hill, which had a 90-foot drop below it. When Lauren found out where they would be camping, she tried to find someone attending that she knew at the festival that would let her stay with them. She found an old friend from high school named Kassie Franks, but, unfortunately, Kassie’s cabin was full, which meant Lauren had to camp on the campsite.

Once the time came to go to sleep, Hannah arranged for her and her boyfriend to sleep in a two-person tent on the land, leaving Lauren and Chris to sleep in the hammock together. This confused many people because Lauren had a boyfriend and Hannah knew that plus Lauren didn’t know Chris and wasn’t very friendly with him. Eventually, they went to sleep and once they woke up the next morning, Lauren was gone. The rest of the group didn’t think much of this and assumed she went to the festival by herself, which was later found out to be untrue. As the day went on, they didn’t see Lauren at all and neither did anyone else.

Do you think Lauren was missing because she was already dead? Find out next week to see what happened to her.

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