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Did the Cliff Have Teeth?: Pronounced Dead

Part Three

At around 4:30 p.m. that day two fishermen were out and while they were fishing, they noticed a pair of pink shorts in the water, but once they moved closer they found more than shorts. They found Lauren’s body and went to immediately get the police.

Lauren’s body was found in an unusual place, a cove in the water, far away from the campsite so she couldn’t have fallen, and even if she fell somewhere else, the current of the water was going the opposite direction of where her body was found that day. When the two fishermen came back with the police, they showed the two police officers where the body was, making them the only four people to know where the body was, or so they thought.

While they were going to see the body, they saw a man canoeing in the same direction. The officers told him to turn around and he responded by saying “but that could be one of our friends over there.” This man later turned out to be Aaron, Hannah’s boyfriend. Although it was possible that someone could have told him there was a body in the lake, many wonder why he assumed it was Lauren and why was he trying to get to the body before the police.

How did Aaron know there was a body in the lake? Find out if officers paid attention to this detail next week.


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