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Did the Cliff Have Teeth?: Homicide?

Part Five

The first piece of evidence for this possible homicide would be that Lauren's body was found floating which isn’t common when people drown since their body is filled with water when they try to gasp for air, causing them to sink. The fact that Lauren’s lungs weren't filled with water suggests that she wasn't gasping for air and she might have been killed before she hit the water.

Lauren also had a mark on her stomach in the shape of a triangle which seemed to line up with the edge of a canoe which has a few flaws since it suggests that Lauren was halfway out of the canoe which would cause tipping unless there were two other people in the canoe to balance it out so it wouldn’t tip over.

Investigators and Lauren’s family also did over 50 tests with test dummies that were the same height and weight Lauren was and dropped the dummies on the side of the ledge where Lauren was camping and none of them reached or went into the water. So who could have done this to Lauren?

Who do you believe did this to Lauren? Find out who others suspect killed Lauren next week.


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