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Creepy Coraline

The movie Coraline is an interesting animated film but it’s also a very questionable one. The whole movie itself is creepy and the audience really gets left wondering if the movie was ever a children's movie, to begin with. The reason the movie is so good is that it's very different. It invites the audience to this dangerous yet so mysterious world and leaves them with questions.

The movie begins with a little girl named Coraline and her parents moving into a new apartment. Coraline gets bored because her parents are too busy to even talk to her so she wanders off in her apartment and soon finds a little door. When she opens the door she finds a portal that leads to another dimension. This dimension is an exact replica of her world but that's not even the creepiest part. In this world, she also finds a replica of her parents known as her Other Mother and Other Father who have buttons for eyes.

One of the reasons why the movie is so creepy is because of the deep background on every detail. Later on in the movie three little children who are ghosts get introduced but the kids appear to have gotten their eyes removed by the Other Mother and replaced with buttons. What's also very weird is that there is a connection to this, later on, is that when the Other Mothers true form gets revealed it is seen that she has needles as hands which is what she seems to use to sew the buttons onto the kids’ faces.

Another reason as to why the movie can seem creepy is that it has a lot of creepy connections. At the very beginning of the movie a short film is brought up where the audience can see the needle-like hands of the Other Mother sewing a doll that looks exactly like Coraline and she sends it off to Coraline's world. This doll gets brought up later in the movie when a character named Wybie gives the doll to Coraline because his grandma apparently tells him to give it to her. Coraline later finds out that the Other Mother uses the doll to spy on Coraline.

Another weird connection is Wybie's grandma to the Other Mother. Wybie mentions how his grandma used to live in that same apartment when she was younger with her parents and sister. He also mentions how his grandma's sister went missing when they lived there and the audience later finds out how one of the little children is sisters with Wybie's grandma.

In essence, despite the fact that the movie is creepy in many ways it still got the attention of many viewers which just supports how well of a movie it was. The movie takes viewers on an adventure to this new world that brings a lot of weird things to the table. The movie and storyline are very interesting and paying close attention viewers can see how everything just ties in together from clues to the beginning of the movie that just ties in with other weird things that happen later in the movie. Right now would actually be a good time to watch the movie on Hulu since everyone is stuck at home with hardly anything to do.



Summer Reyes
Summer Reyes
Aug 26, 2022

Coraline itself was a questionable movie, still from this day I'm not sure what to believe if it was a good ending, or rather a bad one. One really good thing about this movie is you can form your own theories of the movie that aren't entirely right or wrong. I believe the director did that on purpose so you can use your own imagination to make up your own opinion on the movie. This was my childhood movie, so it will always hold a safe spot in my heart, as a small kid I always could relate to Coraline. Her parents were always busy so sometimes they wouldn't have much time with her. But as a child it also…


This movie is one of my favorites. It brings good childhood memories of watching this with my sister growing up. Although the movie has an eerie vibe it is a classic to many. It is obvious that the producers spent so much time due to all the small details there're in it.

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