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Can There Be a Best Game of All Time?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Few people in the gaming community struggle to find a sole game as the best game of all time because of the variety of titles and options available.

Can there really even be a “best video game” if everyone can’t agree to a single game?

Senior at Rialto High School and Esports club president, Arturo Villanueva, believes that sandbox video game Minecraft is the best game. He was still on the fence with the first-person shooter game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 because it is the best game in the first-person shooter genre. This dilemma makes it almost impossible for most gamers to actually choose a specific game.

Multiplayer seems to also have influenced the opinion of some of these players as senior Javier Villegas commented on the situation saying, “Minecraft and Mario Kart because you can’t stop playing.” Villegas also states, “It’s so much fun racing against friends.”

Senior Steve Diaz believes the best game of all time is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 because he used to go home after school and play ranked. Competitiveness is a huge magnet for most gamers because of the opportunities and it boosts enjoyability of the game.

Senior Elijah Rodriguez says “Super Mario Sluggers” takes the title of best game because “it’s fun to play and I’m not going to be stressing out while playing.”

Super Mario Sluggers is a hit game of the console Nintendo Wii and a branched out game to the Super Mario Brothers series. The game can be played either alone or with friends all on the same console.

According to an article on IGN, a video game news reporting company, the best game is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the game is an open world action role-playing game. It came out back in 2017 and is still a popular game today, despite the game not receiving updates.


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