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Bring it Back To Life

Updated: May 5, 2023

It’s a new year and with that comes people starting their New Year’s Resolutions. For some that may be starting a new workout plan or eating healthier. For Sophomore Adrian Huizar, it is to start working on his car that has been sitting in his backyard for years.

It is a 1992 BMW 325i that has some problems but that isn’t stopping Huizar from achieving his goal. He says, “It was passed down from my uncle to my other uncle and then to me.” He has always liked the car and would love to drive it the moment it’s ready to hit the road.

It will take a lot of money to fix the car, but Huizar plans to work outside school hours to have enough money to rebuild it. This will be challenging but he is passionate about his goal and sees all the benefits of having his very own car. He has experience working on cars because his uncle owns an auto repair shop. He helped him work on cars and gained knowledge little by little. Completing the work on his own will cut the cost greatly.

Huizar also states, “I don’t plan on getting a car from my parents.” This is why he wants to fix up the car in his backyard since it’s one of the only options he has for having his own car. Huizar doesn’t plan on stopping this goal and says, “This is something I dedicated myself to do because I want to be in the car I built myself, that I fixed.” It is something that he wants and needs.

He has already started working on the car but still has a lot of progress to make before it is finished. Before Huizar had the idea of fixing up the car, it was just collecting dust in his backyard but this year he wants to see the car drive and see what it can do. It may be old but he knows it has a lot of potential. This would mean a lot to him because it is a car he has grown up seeing and would be cheaper than buying a whole different car.

He has a positive attitude about his New Year’s Resolution and doesn’t see any better goal than having his own running car.



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