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Are RHS Seniors Team Edward or Team Jacob

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Would you rather be with a 104-year old vampire that glistens in the sun or a 15-year old werewolf with anger issues?

It has been noticed that Gen-Z high school students have become more obsessed with watching television. They watched Disney channel to Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, etc… However, even through all the years of movie evolution there has been a lingering question revolving around a particular series known as The Twilight movies, is it Team Edward or Team Jacob?

The movies came out in 2008 through 2012 and students are still debating which boy is right for Bella or which is hotter. The burning question everyone wants to know is are Rialto High School (RHS) seniors Team Edward or Team Jacob.

Team Jacob

Senior Jade Juarez chose Jacob because she says that “he has amazing abs and he’s always half naked throughout the movies.” Juarez chose Jacob not because he was a better guy for Bella but because of his attractiveness throughout the movies.

Senior Rodrigo Ramirez says that he has always been on team Jacob because he and Bella have known each other for a longer period of time than her and Edward and he would have wanted them to reunite and get together. Also the idea of werewolves is cooler and plus Jacob is hotter than Edward but Ramirez did think it was weird about Bella's baby and the imprinting. Ramirez also said “If she [Bella] had chosen him [Jacob] she wouldn't have been stressing about her aging and dying before her lover.”

Senior Emmanuel Diaz Ramirez says “Jacob is hot” and that Jacob was better because he was part wolf and Ramirez loves wolves.

Team Edward

Senior Madison Munoz chose Jacob but later changed her answer to Edward after re-watching the movies because she re-watched Jacob imprint (soulmate bond) on Bella’s daughter Renesmee which was weird. Munoz changed to Edward because “although he [Edward] was problematic and weird he is still pretty cute.” Munoz supported Jacob up until he imprinted on Bella’s baby.

Senior Giselle Cerezo Bravo is Team Edward all the way. Bravo says “Team Edward all the way because Team Jacob has nothing on Edward.” Edward has been there since day one and always stayed down for Bella. Jacob was 15 when he met Bella and all he wanted to do was break up Edward and Bella’s relationship even though Edward had waited for her since he was turned into a vampire.

Senior Alejandro Ramirez chose Edward because he likes vampires. Ramirez said “any vampire movie that I come across, I watch.”

Some students said that Jacob used to be their favorite when they were younger but when they matured and re-watched they realized why Edward is better. Many students switched to team Edward when recalling Jacob imprinting on Bella and Edward's baby in Breaking Dawn because Jacob used to want to be with Bella but now he wants to be with her daughter.

**Honorable mention

There is one honorable mention from senior Emily Bravo. Bravo said, “Honestly, Edward and Jacob are overrated and the system needs to be switched up.” The debate between who is better for Bella needs to be changed because neither are amazing. The man that is better for Bella, in Bravo's opinion, is Charlie, Bella's dad. Charlie was always there for Bella and supported every decision she ever made. No matter what Bella did he never left her because he wanted what was best for his daughter. Bravo also supports Team Charlie because he is hot.

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