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Arca: a Latin trans woman and her underrated musical ability

By Anahi Campos

“Dance floors are where I found freedom,” says Alejandra Ghersi.

Alejandra Ghersi, aka, Arca is one of the decade's most ground-breaking artists, plowing down the confirmative ways of making music.

Standards simply don’t apply to them.

Music can get boring and sometimes you need some sick beats to get you hyped up again, Arca does just that.

As an artist, Arca produces their music using experimental synths, soul-rebirthing beats, and mind-mending bass lines. She’s merciless when it comes to the creation of a song and has no limits to what her ideas will become.

Not only does she make her own music, she makes it for others too, and has worked with many artists that I’m sure you’ve heard of. Her list reigns from Kanye West, Björk, Sia, FKA twigs, Frank Ocean, and even ROSALÍA.

Though she’s a definitive genius in the studio, many still disagree with her talent saying, “I'm aware of the whole left field style of music, but I just don't get it. It sounds like there's no actual structure to his tracks, like when do they even end?” (dbmm17. Reddit.)

It’s understandable. Arcas music isn’t for everyone and can be difficult to digest. However, that does not change just how talented she truly is.

Her music genres are broad as well. Her style, often playing with reggaetón, club music, alternative, experimental and Pop/Rock can give leverage to those getting into her music.

In fact, as a Latin woman, her Venezuela roots are an important factor when it comes to the creation of her music. So much so that it even won her a nomination for a Grammy at the Latin Grammy Awards.

Regardless of all this, she’s quite underrated and hasn’t quite made her mark on high-end fame.

“…while still sharpening her desire to denaturalize and interrogate all kinds of boundaries: of the physical body, of immigrant identity, of biological conceptions of gender…” (New York Times)

Arca not only amplifies her skills into her music but her identity as well.

Arca came out in 2018 as Non-binary but later realized she identified as being a trans woman.

This would prove later to be an important building block when forming the sound she loves.

“Arca is passionately combating inequality using her passion, provoking viewers with her appearance and videos to make a change for a more open-minded future where everyone can be however or whoever they want.” (Arts Help)

Though Arca is a one-of-a-kind artist with an interesting set of paintbrushes, she’s definite with her music and will continue to create a future for those who struggle with identity and being who they are.

Seems like you should give her a listen.


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