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Ever since his early childhood, Steven Gaytan has always loved being outdoors. No matter what season or temperature, he always preferred being outside, taking deep breaths of fresh air, being burned by the scorching sun, or being stormed on by the heavy rains. Growing up, he maintained this love and believes that indoors can be restricting, especially to the creative and explorative aspects of the mind. He prioritizes staying disconnected for at least an hour a day, considering how much technology is used nowadays. Not only was the outdoors a passion of his, but so was education. He was interested in learning about anything and everything. He enjoyed the satisfaction of good grades and challenges. Due to this, he developed great inquisitive, investigative, and analytical skills that he hopes to apply towards being a great journalist. He looks forward to putting informative and interesting stories out there for the general public.

Steven Gaytan

Steven Gaytan

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