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Why Books are Better Than Movies

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Books are better than movies for a lot of reasons.

Books are better at telling stories than movies. When you read a book you get to experience the story at your own pace and there is no time limit when you read a book. This means you get to experience the story at a deeper level which allows you to connect with the book much more than you would connect to a short, fast movie.

Books have more space to go in-depth into explaining things and are able to give descriptions that allow you to envision things the way you would see them in a movie. This means that you get a fuller understanding of the story when you read a book as the small details are more evident. Many times people complain about the book being better than the movie but rarely do people complain about the movie being better than the book.

Books are also better for you than movies. When you read a book your brain does work and it improves your intelligence as you gain more knowledge from the book. The brain learns new words and understands more things and tries to explain and connect events in books which leads to people who read gaining more knowledge from their reading.

When you watch a movie your brain does not work hard and you just sit and enjoy the visuals. This means that the brain works more and learns more when you read which means it is better for your brain and is a better thing to do in your free time than watching a movie. Books are better for you than movies because they improve your thinking skills and make you have more knowledge.

Books are also more entertaining than movies. Since you are imagining the book, you are able to put your imagination into the story which means that you can experience it on a personal level which makes it more entertaining. Since you are able to put your imagination into the story, it also means that you can relate more to the story as your visions are from your point of view and are more personal.

All in all, books are better than movies because they are more entertaining and better for you and tell stories better than a movie ever will.




Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez
Feb 01, 2023

Both books and movies are good sources of entertainment and though I really have time to do either I do have a small opinion about this. I believe that a 10 out of 10 movie is better than a 10 out of 10 book as it can get more of a thrill and more emotion for me. When it comes to seven out of 10s I would say books are better and I would be wasting my time if I were to read a three out of 10 book or watch a three out of 10 movie. I do like using my imagination for a book but there's a sort of art to a movie that I really appreciate



John Reyes
John Reyes
Oct 18, 2022

I agree books better than movies for all the reasons you listed. I try to read the book first, but sometimes I have read the book because I enjoyed the movie extremely much! For example, I read the entire Harry Potter novel series prior to seeing the movies. I had visualized all the characters in head. I was overwhelming surprised that my visualization was close to what the director's vision was.

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