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Visual Learning Is The Best Learning

Updated: Jan 23

Visual learning is the easiest and most efficient way to learn in challenging subjects.

Visual learners are those students who like to express their ideas and concepts via the use of pictures, graphics, colors, and maps. The information must be seen in order to be learned by visual learners. Because of their photographic memories, these children could employ color, tone, and brightness to help with memory. Drawing out diagrams on a chalkboard or in slide presentations will be helpful for visual learners in the classroom.

Luckily, many Rialto High School teachers provide many different learning styles: auditory, kinaesthetic, and reading/writing. However, the most common and appreciated is visual, especially in math, chemistry, science, and any other engaging subjects that require to show work. The reason for this is that students love to see how they should be showing their work and exactly what steps they should be taking to start to solve a problem. Examples of visual learning are mind pictures or maps, notes, keywords, using color in highlighters, charts/diagrams/lists, audiovisuals, photographs, and flash cards.

However, although visual learning can be beneficial at times, those who love their performing arts or other extracurricular/elective classes may beg to differ. This can be seen in classes like choir where auditory learning is most beneficial because visualization is not much used here. This can also be said for physical education where kinaesthetic learning is most used.

In addition to being a favored method of learning, scientific research has shown that pupils retain knowledge better when ideas, words, and concepts are accompanied by visuals. Not only that, but it is also faster to interpret information. It is said that it is 60,000 times faster than reading text. Students can develop critical thinking skills, better decision-making, problem-solving, and overall better understanding.

Because being a visual learner is beneficial to a person, it is easiest if most teachers at Rialto High School are teaching using this method. It is said that 65% of people not only in America but also in the world are visual learners. However, this does not mean that teachers should only teach in this style because they should also adhere to those students that may struggle more due to their vision problems.

Since the most essential classes during high school are your A-G, visual learning is most gladly appreciated by students at Rialto High School.


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