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The Mystery of the Winchester House

The World of the living and the dead is connected through numbers and math

September 5, 2022, marks the 100th anniversary of the extraordinary Sarah Winchester’s passing in her anything-but-ordinary home, the Winchester Mansion.

The Current owners are celebrating her life with both old and new attractions. The new Walk with Spirits Tour is available in an “all-new intimate and interactive tour experience focused on spiritualism and paranormal”

After a two-year hiatus returns the Halloween Haunt with a new chapter called Unhinged, and even the official souvenir book returns after 30 years.

Still, more attractions and events are planned to be announced throughout 2023.

But even after 100 years, the mansion lives up to its name remaining in mystery, though there have been a few clues left behind as to what was truly happening in the home. For most homeowners, remodeling could mean knocking down a few walls or finally fixing up the kitchen, but for Sarah Winchester, it meant life or death.

Sarah Winchester was a brilliant woman, she knew multiple languages, and was an expert in mathematics. She was married to William Winchester whom she had a daughter named Annie.

The Winchester name became famous for the Winchester rifle used in WWII. Annie and William died in 1866 and 1880, respectively. Leaving the entire fortune (about $500 Million in today's money) to Sarah.

It has been rumored at the time of William's passing Sarah contacted a medium to hopefully connect to her family. This medium told her that the spirits killed by the rifle would curse her till the day she died. The only way to avoid this was to continuously build and construct a house. Sarah renovated for 36 years until the day she died. There were 7 stories until 1906 when an earthquake toppled three stories.

The Door To Nowhere Illustrated by Kaitlyn Lopez

While proof of the paranormal is skeptical, and if these spirits that were cursing Sarah may or may not be real, there are many stories and rumors of what goes on in the home.

The house itself has been built on ley lines which have been connected to the paranormal as a source of energy that spirits or other entities would use to interact with the living world.

It also is theorized that the home was built based on sacred geometry, which is a series of shapes that have special and spiritual meanings. Sacred geometry is also associated with many different religions for centuries.

Inside the home, servants have claimed that seances were often held, especially in a room "with no corners," possibly referring to the room called Witch's Cap. Seances were not uncommon in this time era. Winchester seances would start at 12, in which a bell would ring 13 times and again at 2 marking the end of the seance.

Sarah would use this time to commune with the spirits about what to build onto the home next to please them. Construction workers would receive instructions the next morning in a letter.

The construction of the home seemed outlandish, but there may be more to what the average person sees.

Throughout the entire home, architecture, and furnishing are in groups of three repeating numbers, 7, 11, and 13. Stairs, wall panels, windows, and even fireplaces appear in these groups. It is believed that these numbers are associated with Numerology, that Sarah used these specific numbers to manifest an environment for spirits to be welcomed to the home, or possibly they forced her to build it that way.

These numbers are associated specifically with life-path numbers. Along with the three numbers, there is also a fourth that has a more personal connection to the home. The number 22. 22 is connected to people with the Master Architect personality, which happens to be Sarah's life-path number. 22 has been referred to represent creation. Especially the Hebrew alphabet which is 22 letters that represent everything from creation to eternity.

It is also believed that Sarah was an empath who struggled with her gifts, which may explain the life she lived and the almost suspicious coincidences of her home and actions.

Although the complete truth will remain a mystery, it can be said there is definitely more to the Winchester name.


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