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The Answer to Abortion

Updated: Jan 23

Abortion is a controversial topic, but it shouldn’t be. Abortion should be allowed everywhere, to anyone, at any point in a pregnancy. People with the ability to get pregnant should be able to terminate their pregnancy at any time.

Having a baby is a life-changing choice, that should not be taken lightly. If someone is not prepared to have a baby, financially or emotionally, they should not have a child. Children are highly impressionable and even the smallest mistake made by parents can cause lasting issues for a kid.

Pregnancy is extremely dangerous. According to the Office of Women’s Health, some of the complications that can occur include anemia, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, severe nausea, preeclampsia, and placental abruption. These are only some of the possibilities. Being pregnant is incredibly dangerous for the parent, and they should always have the option to terminate, if only as a safety measure.

Some people will balk at the idea of someone terminating their pregnancy during a later term, but if someone is terminating their pregnancy at a later term, they most likely have a very good reason. Abortions done at or after 21 weeks make up only 1% of abortions nationwide, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. They are expensive, emotionally and physically taxing, and risky. There are enough barriers in place to prevent people from getting ‘late-term abortions’ on a whim.

Other people disagree with abortions, even if they are done early in a pregnancy. They believe that life begins at conception, however, the baby is simply made up of cells. If those living cells have a right to live, that means that most parasites have the same right to live. Both need a host to survive, however only one of them actually has the urge to protect itself and continue living; It’s the parasite. Using this logic, tapeworms and other parasites have a right to live inside a human host for as long as they need.

American society needs to stop putting the health, needs and wants of grown adults second to cells. The parent has just as much a right to live as the baby, and abortion laws have killed more people than they’ve saved. In Louisiana, a woman’s baby suffered a fatal deformity, causing it to develop without a skull. However, due to abortion bans, she will have to carry her pregnancy to term, give birth, and then wait for her child to die.

In Texas, a woman had to carry her dead fetus inside of her for two weeks before she found a physician who would remove it, due to abortion bans. A woman was forced to travel 10 hours to New Mexico in order to receive an abortion after finding out that her child had several fatal genetic defects and that carrying her child to term had the possibility of damaging her vital organs or developing cancer.

Abortions should be accessible, safe, and legal.


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