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Teenage Girls Need To Be Educated About Birth Control

Updated: Jan 23

Every woman is entitled to do what they believe is the best for their body and should be allowed access to birth control. This can be difficult when girls aren’t even taught how birth control works and how it affects them.

“[Birth control] should definitely be taught at an early age so that you don’t have to learn it yourself or so that you don’t get false information from somebody else,” says junior Andrea Cano and junior Isabella Sittton who states, “I think it’s a necessity that every woman should be able to know.”

A lot of teenagers are going to have sex. Educating on birth control isn’t going to influence and make teens have more sex. It’s going to teach them how to be safe when they do have sex and how they can avoid life-altering problems like STDs and pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy is always going to happen even if women are on birth control or know about it. But if more girls are informed about birth control and are given access to contraceptives it can help lower the rate of teenage pregnancy which in California is nearly 14 births per 1,000 girls between the ages 15 to 19 (Cal Matters).

According to, 1 in 4 teens contract an STD every year. Birth control can help stop the spread of STDs in teenagers.

Women don’t only use birth control just to prevent diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Birth control can also help with medical problems and a lot of girls do not know about this.

It can help with heavy periods and period cramps, to clear up skin, and to treat anemia. Girls would know this if they were educated about it more instead of being told that it’s only used as a way to connect to sex.

Teenage girls need to be more educated on birth control and should have more access to it. By educating girls about birth control it helps girls be more comfortable with talking about it and asking for it.


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