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Students should be allowed to receive food deliveries during lunch

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

When it comes to the topic of lunch at Rialto High School most students would rather not discuss it. The variety of food they serve is at a minimum, especially to those students with a different diet.

The school has no food choices for those students who are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free. Although the only vegan option they carry are salads, they don’t carry enough for everyone. It is inconvenient for students to go without eating and continue throughout the school day when they could have ordered food that meets their diet.

An alternative would be for the students’ parents to drop off their lunch, but it can be a hassle for them if they work and don’t have time to drop it off at their child's school.

Being able to order food at school can bring lot’s of pros, one being short lunch lines, and less chances of being food poisoned by school food. Senior Noemi Romo was a victim of food poisoning from school food around the start of the school year. Romo explained that she felt unwell a few hours after BIC (breakfast in class), where she ate a breakfast burrito.

The school has nothing to lose if a student orders food to campus. Some teachers might even agree on it, since it’ll allow them to order food from time to time when they’re craving something specific but don’t have enough time to get it during their break.

Students eating during their lunch and feeling full can improve their concentration in which they’re more likely to focus during class.

If it’s food allergies the school is afraid of, students range in age from 14 to 19, which means they’re highly aware of what they can and cannot have. Therefore, leaving that situation out of the way.

If there is a security issue, student’s don't have to leave the campus to get their food, they can just have the person delivering it drop it off at the front office or by the front office, where there’s always a security guard.

The school follows nutritional guidelines ordered by the state where students have to receive a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, low fat or fat free milk, whole grain, and protein. By just looking at the carts or tables that stand outside the lunch lines, those carry unwanted milk, fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches, from students.

Students are already getting an unbalanced diet if they’re not taking the protein, milk, fruit, etc. that’s part of the nutritional guidelines the state requires for students.

So the school should give the option for students to feed themselves with healthy food that they actually like.


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Krystal Figueroa
Krystal Figueroa
10 déc. 2022

I agree with this because having food we enjoy during school hours that we bought is something beneficial. I think students should be able to order food and not have to be forced to eat the school lunch.

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