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Mrs. Jardines Is The Best AVID Teacher

Updated: Jan 23

Patrick Kimmons, Nicholas Anderson, Christine Tovar, Kevin Robert, and Hannah Knight, are some of the AVID teachers at Rialto High School. They are all very great teachers, they all do a very good job, but I believe that none of them compare to Lucero Jardines.

Mrs. Jardines, I bet you’re wondering what makes her so great, well I have an answer to that. Mrs Jardines is like no other AVID teacher, she always makes sure that you are doing well both inside and out of school and truly helps you prepare for a path to college by encouraging you to do better.

Mrs. Jardines formerly taught AVID 11, and during that time I was one of her former students, although I only had Mrs. Jardines for one semester due to maternity leave, me and a lot of other students quickly became fond of her. She treated us as if we were her kids. I feel confident when I say that Mrs Jardines is the Best AVID teacher.

During my time with Mrs. Jardines I quickly made a lot of beautiful memories with her, there isn’t a single time where I can recall where I had a bad day in that class or dreaded being in that class. Everytime I entered that class I was ready to have a good time, however every time there was a sub for that class I was disappointed because Mrs. Jardines wouldn’t be there.

Once school was ending I was truly saddened because it meant I would no longer have Mrs. Jardines as a teacher anymore. This was the only time I didn’t want school to end, Mrs. Jardines’ class was like my second home, truly a great teacher.

I do believe that there is no such thing as “the best” but Mrs. Jardines really does come close to being the best AVID teacher. She truly is such a great teacher and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves for being a fantastic teacher.


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