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Make A Circle For Jasmine

Jasmine enjoys going to local shows which include different genres of bands and music.

By Nathaly Velasco

What do you enjoy doing on the weekends? Maybe it is hanging out with friends, your partner, or spending time with your family members. 10th grader Jasmine Grimaldi-Zavala has different plans during the weekend.

Zavala relishes attending local shows. These shows usually involve bands who play a genre called “Mincecore or Grindcore” which includes hardcore vocals, high-tempo drums, and aggressive guitar riffs. At these shows, there are often many other showgoers who will form a circle known as a pit where they dance, punch, or toss each other around playfully, yet violently, following the music (aka moshing).

Zavala was once new to the scene stating, “Three of my closest friends started listening to Goregrind and would go to shows. When they came back they showed me videos and the merch they got at the shows. I started asking about the music and what it was like to go to a show. I got into the music then started going to shows.”

The Orange St. car. A treasure that is dearly loved but also heavily vandalized by showgoers. (Via Jasmine Grimaldi-Zavala 2023)

These DIY concerts usually require a small entrance fee and will have vendors selling merchandise including band shirts, stickers, patches, and pins. But her favorite part of shows is the music and the excitement that comes with it. “I love listening to all the bands whether I’m moshing or just sitting down watching the bands play. The music is what makes shows.

The bands sometimes put on performances. They jump around, head bang, etc.” It is also the people who are in the scene that Zavala appreciates. “I've made new friends from people who would like my outfits and would stop to talk to me. Shows are generally really fun experiences with really nice people.”

Although she has had some good experiences with people at shows there are always going to be some foul

incidents. Zavala recalls a time when she was bumped into by another showgower who was twice her size resulting in a busted lip. When asked about how she felt about this experience she stated, “It can be super intimidating at first, and before you get the hang of things it’s easy to get hurt. You just have to know what you’re doing in order to not get hurt.”

These events are not always going to be safe and free of danger, nothing ever is. It is always best not to do anything you are uncomfortable with. Especially at these local shows, you should always stay close to someone you trust and never split up. Know your limits and try not to put yourself in harm's way. In Zavala's words, “If you don’t want to get rammed into, then stay close to the back of the crowd. You may not see much but no one will bother you and you can still hear the music. But if you’d like to stay close to the pit or be in the crowd, brace yourself and have your hands free to block anyone coming your way. You HAVE to stay alert at all times!”

The bands are setting up as people wait and converse with each other. (Via Jasmine Grimaldi-Zavala 2023)

Although attending shows may not be for everyone, Zavala is looking forward to going to more shows this month. As Halloween creeps up there are costume and spooky-themed shows scattered all throughout the month of October. Whether or not you like the scene, you will not find her caring. You would probably find her in the pit.

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