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Juveniles Should Be Tried As Adults For Felonies

Juveniles should be tried as adults for serious crimes.

If juveniles are capable of committing the crime, they should pay the consequences, specifically teenagers who practically have the mind of an adult. For example, if a teenager is bullying another teenager and ends up killing the poor kid in a fight he/she should pay the full consequences.

It's not right to let them get away with crimes, especially serious, life-changing crimes. If teenagers don't get disciplined or punished they will keep breaking the law, thinking they can get away with it. We need to stop this madness.

Some people might say they are just kids and they will learn, but the only way they will learn is by punishing them harshly for their severe crime. Many say that teenagers don't understand fully or don't comprehend what they did, but I disagree. How in the world would they not comprehend what they did? We are teens, almost adults, and we still don't know how to comprehend? We do.

I understand fully that teenagers are growing and learning and they can easily make mistakes, but if they get taught the right way there could be a higher chance that they won’t commit serious crimes.

Parents who have teenagers who commit serious crimes have a fault too. I’m not here to teach parents how to parent, but parents should teach and discipline their kids when they are very little so they know right from wrong!

Back to my point, a crime is a crime, and if a teenager is committing a crime, they should be held accountable.

It is known that it is hard for an adult to have their crime records concealed, but juveniles can seal their records. If juveniles are tried as adults and have open records, maybe they will rethink their decisions.

No matter what, juveniles should be held accountable for their actions and should be treated as adults when they commit serious crimes.

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