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It's About the Students

As a student, I would like to know that the school administration hears us out. School is for us to find things we are passionate about and we are interested in. We are finding out who we really are and what we enjoy doing. So why is it that once we find something we really like or really want, we are not heard or listened to?

I would like to hear what students think about everyday things in life and what they think about the school and how the school can be a better place. I would also like to hear about what other students find interesting and what is going on around the world.

Journalism allows that.

Journalism was a class that was specifically in demand at Rialto High School this year. From what the journalism adviser Ms. Cassandra Rodriguez told me, several years ago the class started out with just over a dozen students, but the interest continued to grow. This year, enough students registered for journalism to fill two classes, but the class wasn’t given to us.

Many of us found the class appealing and were interested in exploring what journalism is about and what it offers as a profession. Isn’t that what school is about? Isn’t it a place to help us find our true path?

I never thought I would be in a journalism club, but here I am. I don’t really know what I am doing, but I am learning. I could only imagine what it would be like to be in a journalism class, where Ms. Rodriguez could really teach me what to do. The club is amazing, but it limits the learning, and that makes me angry and sad.

It’s unfair that we aren’t getting the classes we want in school. School is not for administrators and teachers to enjoy for themselves, school is about STUDENTS. We should be able to enjoy and look forward to attending the classes we ACTUALLY LIKE and PICK OUT.

School is for us students, so why take away what we actually want and are interested in doing? It doesn’t make sense.

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