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Grab-and-Go ... Supplies?

Updated: May 5, 2023

Sometimes a student needs something for class but forgot it at home or was not able to go to the store after school to get an item their teacher told them to get for class because they were busy or did not have a ride. A student does not have a notebook for class or a highlighter, but it’s okay, they can just go to the school’s supply vending machine to get one, right?

This vending machine has supplies that range from erasers to binders. The machine would be a quick and easy fix for this situation and will give students immediate access to a variety of supplies.

Students could also lose something in one of their classes or somewhere else in the school they need for their next period but they can purchase another so they can get one to use on time. It will help students not fall behind in their classes due to missing supplies.

Of course, there are some teachers who have some necessary supplies on hand for students to borrow during class but if it is something bigger, not available, or they need it for homework, then they can find it in the vending machine.

It could be put by the library and if a student needs something but they do not have payment on them to purchase something from the vending machine, there could be a system in place where the library will put it on the student’s tab so they are still able to get the item when they need it.

Some ideas for supplies are the basics like pens, pencils, erasers, and highlighters. There could also be other supplies such as folders, sticky notes, index cards, and other items available to students.

One vending machine should be enough, prices vary depending on features but generally, the machines cost around $5,000. The supplies to stock the machine could be bought in bulk since that option would be less expensive in the long run.

It would be up to the school to price the items and how affordable they would be for students. They are the ones who set the prices for supplies in the vending machine so they control how much profit it will make depending on the item.

The money that comes from the vending machine could also be used for the school. Yes, money is going into it buying and maintaining it, but money is also coming out.

Or even better, if the school has the funds, the vending machine could provide these supplies for free or on a points system.



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