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Gaining Confidence In Your Body

Admit it, most of us spend a lot of time watching tv or browsing through social media, but have you noticed the variety of sizes that we now see? Well, recently, body confidence has been gaining attention due to many of us learning to accept ourselves the way we are.

Did you know that most body issues begin as early as age 5? According to, as much as girls struggle with body images, so do many boys, which is something we don’t really get to see represented much. It is also stated that kids will grow up to either love or dislike their bodies according to what they learn from their parents. Most kids between the ages of 6 to 8 will also believe that common beauty standards are to be thin.

From personal experience, growing up and watching tv shows, all I saw was beautiful, thin women and men. This made me believe that I also had to look like that when I was that age in order to be considered normal or beautiful. But what changed my mind was that I had a loving and supporting family who was always there to tell me that I was beautiful no matter what and that I shouldn’t grow up with superficial beliefs about what I looked like because that would make me unhappy with myself, and being a 10-year-old, that scared me.

Not too long ago, body confidence has been gaining attention due to it being mentioned in various songs, on movies, and on social media. For example, if you go to your recommendations on Instagram, you will spot girls or guys of various shapes and sizes. Or you will see movies on Netflix that include forms of being different like Tall Girl, a movie about a girl who is different from everyone at her school due to the fact that she is 6 foot and wears size 13 Nikes.

Being different these days is something that, as much as there are many people who are proud to be different, there are also many who are insecure about it. Thanks to all of these forms of embracing self-love, there are many who are proud of the way they look. It may not seem easy, but self-love is the greatest of love, and if you don’t love yourself there is no one who can love you as much as you will.

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