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Fix the traffic problem

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Students can legally start driving at the age of 16 which means that most juniors and seniors are old enough to drive resulting in more traffic in the morning before school and in the afternoon after school. It takes a very long time for an underaged person to get his or her driver's license so when the school does things like this and makes it hard for students to get out of school because of traffic then students get upset.

Traffic is a hassle for students and parents trying to get to and from school as soon as possible.

There are currently two open gates at Rialto High School, one is for students and parents to drop off their kids, and the other gate is used for teachers and staff. It is not fair that the staff and teachers get to have a whole parking lot that is never full and that they get to come to work and go home without any trouble after school.

Yes, I understand why staff and teachers get their own gate, I guess.

But whoever is in charge of the parking issue needs to find a way to fix the traffic problem. Students are late because there is so much traffic in the morning. The best time to come to school is around 8:00 to 8:10 for students, after 8:10 the traffic starts to pile up and it’s at least 20 minutes or more to just get into the school.

Some of us cannot get to school 40 minutes before school even starts. We have other obligations, like helping our siblings get to school. And we just shouldn’t have to get to school so early simply to avoid traffic. Some teachers understand the fact that many students are late for school because of so much traffic in the school parking lot,but others don't understand, and they don’t understand because they don’t have the need to wait almost half an hour in traffic just to park their car. They are lucky enough to have a parking lot for themselves. They should have some type of mercy for us as their students and they should help us to convince the administration to do something to fix this problem.

Another thing that is very frustrating for students is that there are cones blocking the way into the parking spots, and we need to go all the way around the parking lot just to find a spot. Then we need to wait for everyone to move out of the way or for parents to drop off their kids so we can park. Waiting. That’s what we do every single morning. Wait. Wait. Wait.

All of this chaos happens before we even step foot on campus, which just starts the day off on a bad note. Then if we walk into class late, even though we were on school grounds 30 minutes prior, some teachers get an attitude about us being tardy.

Someone needs to find a solution to this problem because it is really messing with our lives. There has to be a better way, logistically, for traffic to work for parents who drop off their children and for students who drive.




Clarissa Macias
Clarissa Macias
Jan 31, 2023

This article just proves how negatively it affects the students and should be shown to adminstration to help make a change.


Elijah Rodriguez
Elijah Rodriguez
Nov 16, 2022

Facts. It's too much of a hassle just parking your car for school, when in reality it should not be that difficult.

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