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Facebook Is Not Ruining Your Life

Facebook is not ruining your life.

Recently, there have been many claims that fault Instagram and Facebook for ruining one’s self image and mental health. I think that it’s not Facebook or Instagram's fault though. It is not Mark Zuckerburg’s, or any employee at Facebook’s fault that people misuse these platforms.

Frances Haugen spoke on 60 Minutes about how harmful Facebook is for younger people. Haugen claims that Facebook always favors their company over the wellbeing of the consumers, she says “I saw that Facebook repeatedly encountered conflicts between its own profits and our safety.” She continues to say, “Facebook consistently resolved those conflicts in favor of its own profits.”

I don’t think it's Facebook’s job to make sure that all people on the platform are doing okay. At the end of the day, Facebook is an app. If you don’t like it, just uninstall it from your phone. Sure, Facebook can implement easier ways to stop hateful posts, but if something offends you, you can report it and scroll away.

People are becoming too fixated on what is happening on the internet rather than what is happening in real life. This is the easiest problem to solve.

Facebook and Instagram can spread both positivity and negativity. It’s not Facebook’s fault there are a few people who take Instagram too seriously or spread hate on there.

Again, you can just report, block, then scroll away.

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