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Drivers Education should be offered at Rialto High School

Driver's ed should be offered in the Rialto High School District. With driver's ed being an option at Rialto High School, students can learn more information about the road and drive much more safely.

A driver's ed program would give the students options to learn about the vehicle’s functions, learn more about the road, and be generally safe on the road. Not every teenager has an adult that can teach them how to drive, so having a program that can give the option is good.

Driver's ed would also prevent students from failing the permit test since students will be more prepared and qualified to drive. The program won’t have to require a car to practice with, it can be completed with a lecture from the teacher.

Driver’s ed is more of an online course now, but this makes the process much more boring and if confused, there isn't anyone to ask confidently to clarify a question. You can look anything up with an online course and cheat without fully recognizing or understanding the question.

We can do this by making this an optional semester class and getting a driving instructor as a teacher. Driver's ed was implemented in the 90s but was discontinued because California's state budget was cut and funds couldn't supply driver's ed as a class anymore.

When driver's ed was a thing, they used cars to teach students how to drive. Rialto High School doesn't need cars to teach students how to be safe on the road, we can substitute real cars for a simulation car. This is what the Methacton School district does, they use a simulated car game to teach students how to drive.

The simulation car looks like an arcade game but represents a car very closely. In the game, you break when pedestrians are walking and drive when safe, the game includes lots of ways to react on the road without actually being on the road.

Senior David Morfin says, “Drivers ed should be in every high school because it helps teenagers be safe on the road, and from what I see, a lot of car accidents are young people in their 20s.”


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