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Did the Cliff Have Teeth?: Suspects

Part Six

The main three suspects in this case were the people Lauren attended the festival with, Aaron, Hannah, and Chris. Although they were never suspected in the eyes of the law, since the death was ruled accidental, others still suspected them of killing Lauren.

After Lauren’s body was found they were questioned so officers could get a better idea of what went on during the time Lauren was at the festival and they weren’t shy to give up information. The first two people taken for questioning were Aaron and Chris and the person who took them back to the police station on the boat said he heard a lot of suspicious things from the two. He said that Aaron allegedly told Chris to “shut up” and that he would “tell the police everything” and told Chris not to say a single word.

Later on, Chris made multiple comments about how he wanted to get off of the boat. He also said to Aaron multiple times that he would have to get the gun off of the police officer that was driving the boat and then get off the boat. When Aaron was questioned, he told police that he believed Lauren was going to speak to one of her ex-boyfriends that night.

Hannah, on the other hand, told police that she saw Lauren with an older man that night on a boat so he might have had something to do with it, but Hannah later changed her story and thought maybe Lauren fell down when she was going to the bathroom on the side of the ledge since there were no toilets. That theory was ruled out since dummies were also tested in that location and none of them landed in the water and even if she fell right there, the fall wasn’t that far down to the point where she would have died.

With the group telling all of these theories it made them look more suspicious since their stories kept changing, specifically Hannah’s, and made them seem like they were trying to come up with different ways that Lauren could have died. Another thing to note is the rest of the three continued to party at the festival like Lauren didn't die.

So far, who do you think killed Lauren? Find out the shocking evidence found against some of the suspects next week.


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