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Any Given Monday

The Rialto High golf team was in a car accident

By KuLraj Randhawa

The day started like any other March day. The Rialto High golf team was playing a match against Notre Dame High School. The match was at Fairmont Golf Course in Riverside. The team was playing well but lost by one stroke.

On their way back from the match the team decided to grab some food and it was raining. Senior Kiano Jimenez shares, “All of a sudden we heard tires screeching and we all thought that someone was drifting or doing something dumb until the car started to hydroplane.”

Eventually, two cars crashed and they both crashed into the van the team was traveling in. 

Jimenez continues, “The damage on the black car was really serious. Everything in front of the car was seriously totaled; it looked like it couldn't get repaired.”

Everyone was shocked but okay.

Golf coach Carlton Streeter made sure everyone on the team was okay. “We were all in the middle of the street so I had to safely get everyone out of the street because we were hit from the back and I didn’t know if gas was leaking or something else was wrong.”

Once Streeter made sure the team was safe, he immediately called the police. “I looked to see the damage on the other car. I had spoken to him [the driver]. I thought he was drunk but he was dazed from the airbag,” Streeter says.

After the accident, all the players called their parents so they could pick them up. Coach Streeter states that he called the school Athletic Director and the Principal to notify them that someone had crashed into them.

Streeter states that he had called the school transportation department and they sent a bus to pick him and two other players up. When the department sent the bus they also sent a mechanic. The van was drivable after the incident so Streeter moved the car to a parking lot and the mechanics took it from there.

At the end of the ordeal, everyone on the team was okay.


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