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A Unique Approach to Physical Education

Like all other teachers, physical education teachers had to figure out ways to get students active during quarantine. Physical Education teacher, Coach Jones came up with the idea of filming unique work out videos that would be used in class. The videos contain Jones exercising at different places such as Balboa Park in San Diego and Corona Del Mar Beach.

Coach Jones shares, “I came up with the idea of filming PE workouts from different locations to give students a field trip without leaving their homes as a result of our COVID quarantine times.”

Jones continues, “I wanted to give PE students a fun experience while working out. Our whole PE staff is very creative and we challenge each other to be creative.”

He accomplished exactly that with his videos. Sophomore Emily Zamora says, “I think he has brought creativity into his videos. The music is funny. I just wish he wore a mask in public areas.”

Another sophomore, Brianna Valdez, says, “I think the videos are nice, especially since he is always in a different place.” Sophomore Davis Grajeda isn’t a fan of watching other people exercise but does admit that “it’s creative considering where he’s been in some [videos].”

Jones wasn’t nervous about filming in public because he had his family with him, and they enjoyed the time away. He says, “We got out of the house and had some relaxing drives to the various locations.” Jones also said that different kinds of music like Hip Hop, Salsa, Jazz, and Spanish music contributed to making the filming process a success.

While not the conventional approach to teaching physical education classes, it sure is different than what some other PE teachers are doing.

“Look for some of my unpredictable dance moves,” Jones says.

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