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A New Year, a New Goal for Castro and Ruiz

Updated: May 5, 2023

Mia Castro and Victor Ruiz at Rialto High School. 2023.

Year after year we all come to a point where we all want to set a new goal for the year to come. But why do we do so?

At Rialto High School juniors Mia Castro and Victor Ruiz give us a deeper dive into their own resolution for this year.

Castro is an achieving student who strives for success. She is currently enrolled in two AP classes, English Language and Composition, and U.S. History. She made it clear that she wants to earn a 4 on her AP U.S. History exam this year.

She decided to aim for a 4 on her exam because she didn’t want the year to go to waste. Plus, getting a 3 or higher gets her college credit which helps her out financially.

Castro decided in order to get a 4 she must study regularly and take practice tests. She already began her goal as she knows it won’t be an overnight study to gain that score.

Not only does she want a 4 on her exam but wants to make league finals for badminton. Castro has played badminton for 2-3 years.

She is pursuing this goal in order to give her a sense of accomplishment and joy. In order to make the league she has begun to practice more.

Her motivation is her friends and family. But she believes that the one who takes the wheel for her motivation is her competitors. Castro strongly believes that her new year's goals are worth it because it motivates her to become better.

Turning over to Ruiz, he wants to turn a new leaf by managing his spending habits in order to save up.

He struggles with saving because as soon as he saves money, he tends to spend it.

Ruiz recognizes that the most significant part related to money management is self-discipline. Meaning he must keep track of the money he spends and restrain himself from spending it on things he doesn’t need.

He began to keep a journal where he documents his purchases so he can keep a record of where his money is going. As well as putting the money he wants to save in a ceramic piggy bank that can only be opened by breaking. Therefore, he won’t have easy access to his savings.

His motivation is his parents as they constantly tell him to save money. His parents have a strict ideology when it comes to money where they save about a third of their paychecks but also treat themselves occasionally.

Overall Ruiz believes that new year’s resolutions or goals can be reached but only based on the person’s willingness to achieve them. He believes that a new year resolution should be something you work on throughout the year and recognizes that it can be challenging.

Resolutions help people begin new habits and change old ones. They are a great way to start a new, fresh year and help boost a person’s self-confidence.



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