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A Die-Hard Music Fan

By Valerie Romero

Junior Kargel Martinez proudly wearing a T-shirt of an artist that she supports.

Junior Kargel Martinez is a dedicated fan girl. Martinez is someone with a very particular taste in music. She specifically dedicates her Spotify hours to artists like Lil Peep, Chris Travis, and Xavier Wulf. These three artists are Martinez’s holy grail, and she states, “I can’t go a day without listening to at least one of them, whenever I have my earbuds in I’m likely listening to one of their songs.” Martinez added that although she mainly listens to these three artists, she also listens to all types of genres of music, but these three can’t be topped for her personally.

Martinez has been listening to these artists for years but hasn’t had a chance to see them. She states, “The things I would do to go to one of their concerts is close to none. I know most, if not all of the lyrics to their songs.” Her dedication to these artists is very inspirational, especially as fan culture has died down over the years. She also mentioned that she started listening to Lil Peep and Xavier Wulf for as long as she could remember, but has only listened to Chris Travis for three years now. But that amount of time was enough for her to fall in love with his music.

Although Martinez’s favorite artist, Lil Peep, passed away back in 2017, she wishes that she had the opportunity to have met and watched him perform his music when she had the chance to. “When Lil Peep passed I was filled with sadness and gloom. Such a good artist had left. There would never be another artist that compares to him and what he has created,” Martinez states.

Her music taste was influenced by her older brother due to him being an inspirational figure to her. “He did all the things I liked and wanted to do myself. We have many things in common now from how much I looked up to him.” Martinez also mentioned that their taste in music is now the biggest thing she has in common with her brother. Her similarities with her brother make her feel closer to him and as she has gotten older she feels like she can easily talk with him for hours, especially when the topic of music comes up.

The artists that Martinez listens to leave her “amazed every time” and when the lyrics and melodies come together they change her “mood and energy overall.” Her top five artists from her previous Spotify Wraps included the three artists previously mentioned. Her dedication to listening to her favorite artists for hours on end proves just how much of a die-hard fan she is.

It is very common for teen girls to fan over their favorite singers and actors, and Martinez proves herself as a true fangirl due to her commitment and adoration for her favorite artists.

Her connection to her music artists proves that music culture can bring people together and become a great part of someone's personality.


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