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Updated: Jan 23

Throughout my high school years I've made friends and I've lost friends. The older I get the more I realize who are good people to have as friends and who aren’t. For the last year I've kept a good solid group of friends, but in the last few months since senior year has started my circle of friends has broadened.

I’m not a very social person but this year I was put in classes where I had no friends. It forced me to talk to new people and get out of my shell. Some may think it’s a negative thing but it actually helped me get out of my comfort zone. If I had my friends in my classes I wouldn’t talk to anyone but them unless necessary.

I have rekindled with friends that I once had a falling out with. I've also made friends with people who I've gone to school with forever and was just never social enough to talk to. I've even talked to complete strangers which is odd for me.

My close friend group before this year consisted of Seniors Karem Villanueva, Litzy Franco, Raiaan Hossain, Sebastian Garay Guzman, Airam Diaz, Annalisa Felix, and me of course. Now we have added Arturo Villanueva, Ethan Baldwin, Alyssa Vigil, and Javier Villegas to the group.

These new people I have met over the years at Rialto High School give me something to look forward to everyday. They make school so much more enjoyable and now I have people who I can talk to about anything. I know that they will always be there for me.

If my friends and I didn’t go to Rialto High School we would have never met and I don’t know where I would be without them. They help me so much through everything, literally. I'm a very indecisive person so they help me a lot. Through family problems, relationship problems, outfit choices, food choices and many other things.

I’m very grateful that I met all my friends. They are all unique and special in their own way. They help me get out of my comfort zone and I appreciate them. They keep me grounded and humble. They are my greatest supporters and I’m glad to have met them.

I love you guys.♡


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